Industry Application

Industry application

  • Chemical Industry
  • New energy industry
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical medicine
  • The semiconductor industry
  • Construction machinery
  • Chemical Industry

    In the process of modern refining and chemical production, no matter the size of its processing scale, there are many different forms of storage tanks necessary in the intermediate link of raw materials and finished products entering and leaving the produ

  • 新能源行业


  • Food and Beverage Industry

    Chinese wine culture has a long history, as early as the Shang Dynasty had mastered the use of wine Qu wine making technology As a special carrier of cultural exchange, wine occupies a unique position in human communication

  • Pharmaceutical medical industry

    Pharmaceutical industry is an industry with long production process, complex technology and high product quality standards Each drug requires a wide variety of raw and auxiliary materials, and many of the raw materials and intermediates in the production

  • The semiconductor industry

    Today s silicon circuit microtopography demands the cleanest production facilities in the world, and we design level, flow and pressure sensors to meet these stringent requirements In addition, a special

  • Construction machinery industry

    GUMO has an eye for complex construction machinery applications, providing level sensors that meet the most demanding requirements GUMO s full range of level, pressure and flow measurement technologies further enhance construction machinery


Certificate display

Certificate display

  • The trademark™

  • Radar level meter SIL3认证

  • Tuning fork position switch SIL3

  • Flameproof certification for cable float level switch

  • Rf capacitance level meter flameproof +21 zone

  • Original safety certification of radar level meter

  • Flameproof certificate for radar level gauge